Monday, October 23, 2006

1st Week

Well we had a great first week. It was brutal, but great. Ive got some kinks to work out but over time that will happen. I've got to hire a couple of more people in there full time. Right now besides Bo and I are some part time help of Willie, Ball, Drew and a few others. Drew has actually been working just shy of full time, which has been a blessing! Where Bo and I are getting crushed is the almost 4 hour per night clean up at the end of each day. If I can get Marteen's ass (my old foreman from my landscape company) back up here from Jalisco, MX then I'll have the problem solved. If Bo and I could get enough help in there to allow us to go home at 8:30-9:00 then it will make all the difference in the world. We're dropping a few things from the menu but not much. The stuffed potatoes havent sold worth a crap....which surprises me. The catfish po-boys and crawfish etouffee have been on fire, so have the brisket taco's. Bo came up with a new item thats been selling hard......"redneck tacos". Instead of a tortilla we use a cornbread pattie piled high with pulled pork and slaw with hot sauce. Some have "subbed" brisket. Ward Boone, John Phillips, and "Sweetleaf" came out this saturday night to pick a little. They are starting an in the round every saturday night starting in two weeks. I think that will go over well. I'm tired and have to go to bed. Sorry for not posting much this week, as soon as "Hickey-boy" gets my wireless hooked up at the joint I'll get back to posting 4-5 times per week. Of course it would help Russ if I would get the hardware for him to hook it up with though wouldnt it? Come by and eat.


m.a. said...

Sweetleaf. Sure pal.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Brother,
I seem to have missed placed my wallet and have to wait for replacement cards to purchase anything. I cannot wait to visit the DMV!

karen said...

Thanks for the info. Can you find a way to post a menu on the blog so we can call in orders? I'm so glad you cleaned up the place, everytime my son ate there when it was the old place, he got sick (small wonder after seeing the pics). Looking forward to comin' on in. Everyone says it's great.

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