Sunday, September 27, 2009

still stalled

rain has passed, should have a slab poured by the end of the week. even still it will be another two weeks before the steel gets here. have a job site review meeting tomorrow at 12:00. been designing the smoke stack for the pit furnace. wed. night i drove to Murphysboro, IL to spend some time with mike mills and his genius daughter amy tunnicliffe. been trying to get up there since late last year but something has always come storm, inland hurricane, all kinds of stuff. very quick trip (only 3hr drive though) went up wed. came back thursday. we just hung out and had dinner.......also it was nice to see tommy houston (checkered pig) as well.....great guy! very nice operation they have going up there......and what tremendous people they are! they were getting set up for their competition this weekend and with amy in town from boston i decided to run up there and see em'. my buddy kirk duggan went with me and we worked on my books (quickbooks) while we drove. kirk has been helping get caught up on my books, ive gotten behind on reconciling my transactions on a daily basis and now feel like im behind Mt. Everest. i would drive and kirk would ask me what each transaction was for and what account it needed to be placed under. just data entry but dadgum it was very helpful - really made a lot of progress.
last week ended up pretty well, especially as rainy as it was. as you've read on here in the past the month of September is an enigma. i have learned that its an enigma for everyone, not just martins bbq. very tough to predict/anticipate. but as its done the past 3yrs the last week of september starts to heat up again and october is or at least has been strong relative to the season. added to the front of the house over the past couple of weeks......very encouraged by them! the back of the house is still trucking....stronger - and leaner - than ever. still avg under 10min ticket times on our peak service (saturday night), under 4min on weekday lunch (unless you order a burger). putting that second line in back in july was the best decision ive made since opening up, its just been like night/day. now the line to place your order is still and/or can be still pretty long, but once your order is placed you ain't there long. the new joint wont have that worry of waiting long to order, its set up to get you in and get you out if you so please......really looking forward to that kitchen!

Monday, September 21, 2009


So I went out the other day to check on the site, to see if the footers had been poured for the slab yet. wasnt anyone around except an old man in a huge wooden boat. I went over and introduced myself to him. He told me his name was Noah and that he'd keep an eye out for any contractors and let me know but that in the mean time he was very busy loading two of every beast on to his boat. Actually he did look pretty busy so I told him I'd see him around. He told me that it was supposed to keep raining for a while, but that he would keep me posted as to when it might dry up a little - then we could see some guys out working concrete. He said he would release a dove, and that when it came back with a masonry trowel we'd be pretty close to getting back to work. he told me to hang in there.

Monday, September 14, 2009

The site

So i missed getting a pick of the actual breaking ground......but it wasnt nothin more than a track tearing the parking lot up. here is where it stands now.....they dug footings today, pouring 'crete on thursday. meeting with my construction manager & architect on thursday. ill take better pics in a day or a lot to blog/update on - A LOT! permits, equipment auctions, lease agreements, construction plans, rumor-mongering, nations toppled, orgys started, pills popped, mountains climbed......ohh just stay tuned.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Go eat at Jimmy Carl's Lunchbox!

You know whenever I get a chance I love eating at Nashville BBQ spots. Its not everytime but quite (if I've got some Martin's BBQ stuff on ) often I get the look like, "what are you doing here" if BBQ guys ain't supposed to go eat at other BBQ guys there is some unwritten rule.......I dont know, whatever......I really enjoy it and Nashville has some really good when I have time I support everyone I can! So here recently I got behind on my books a tad bit, and let me tell you that will compound in a hurry! So thursday i hunkered down in my office/shoebox at home and dove off into a big ole' pool of Quickbooks.......which let me tell you was riveting! Anyway......broke for lunch around 11:00 or so and went with my buddy Kirk Duggan down to Jimmy Carl's Lunchbox in the Gulch. Didnt get that look from these guys.......instead I got a "glad you are here what can I get you" look. Listen, flat out dang good BBQ! Those guys opened up for lunch in the legendary Station Inn....perfect spot. Had the pork sandwich, slaw, mac cheese salad, beans, ribs! Really great BBQ At any rate......go spend some freakin' money with these guys, the food is well worth it and they are trying really hard.......if you have followed this blog for very long you'll know that, uh, I can relate!!!

Dog Doo

A stray dog came around the Joint yesterday.....wouldnt come to you......real scared & skiddish. Went back in the Joint and grabbed the bills to head to the Post Office. When I came back out that poor little skiddish mutt was nowhere to be found, but his little skiddish ass was nice enough to leave a big pile of dog shit right on the sidewalk. thats how my day started yesterday.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

3 blogs in 3 days?

yep.......if you are that shocked then maybe its a sign of the times, so maybe you need to "get your house in order" as the ol' C.O.C. preachers used to say.......anyway, headed to a restaurant auction before lunch @11:00. worked on back of the house checklists all day yesterday (holding those knuckleheads accountable) and was up till 12:30 last night working on other stuff for the Joint. hopefully the contractors will be back out there working on that pad today!

on a side note, the pic is a good pictorial description of what the Martin household is like every morning.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Brick & Rough cut lumber

Picked out brick the other day......really awesome, OLD weathered brick.......a lot of character! its about $30.00 (per thousand) more expensive than what we budgeted, but its worth it - plus we are saving quite a bit in other areas so it will all work out. the interior of the new Joint will look EXACTLY, like the current one......down to the interior roof, red trim, exposed HVAC, father-in-law and i will be hauling Poplar to his sawmill to cut in the next week or so....the trees were blown down in the Tornado a few years back so they ought to be well seasoned.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Changes are a comin'

Broke ground on the new "Joint" this week........we are staying in Nolensville, we just need a larger kitchen and better facilities. Ill post plans/renderings/elevations soon for you to thing is very important though, we will NOT lose our atmosphere, as a matter of fact we'll be adding to it. Having a larger kitchen is going to be such a huge help. Our current kitchen is 330sq feet.....we've milked it for as much as it will give. The overall product will be much more consistent in a larger space, we'll have the equipment we need etc..
Also, having the blog re-designed in line with the new website.......and the new joint. the new Joint will make the blog informative again. new codes, draft beer, restaurant auctions, staff will double.......putting all the chips on the table one more follow along

What is this Blog???

You ever been sitting around cooking for your family and friends and been told the following: "Hoss, this is the best I've ever had in my dadgum have got to open up a place of your own". The thought crosses your mind to do just that, but for whatever reason you dont. Well I'm "that" guy that actually went through with it and did it. I had absolutely ZERO restaurant experience! I decided to start this blog about my own experience hoping that it may be of some use and help to others who might be interested in opening their own place.
I learned this craft almost 20 years ago cooking whole hogs on brick & cinder block pits at a couple of little BBQ Joints in Henderson, TN. I learned from old, lifelong career Pit-Masters, working with them as an apprentice during school off and on for four years. Over the course of that time I learned the old, time-honored craft of REAL pit barbecue. At Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint I am trying as hard as I can everyday to bring that time-honored authenticity to my customers.
As you read you'll see I've made some stupid decisions, and I've made some good decisions. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, especially a BBQ Joint, read this blog! Maybe some of this info can be of use to you. At the very least you will be entertained because I pull no punches.
Now listen, this is my blog to not only help with information but my blog to freely rant about my day to day experiences. There is no real "bad language" on this blog but there might be some things said that are very "tongue in cheek". If you are easily offended and/or cant see the satire in my posts then please just leave the blog. It will save both of us the annoyance of each other. For those of you who do like satire and are looking for good information about this experience, then by all means enjoy!