Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Last week

Well last week was almost a mirror image of the previous week in regards to sales. We actually did just a little more (about $500.00). The accoustic music is starting to pick up. We had several families hang out and listent to the majority of the sets. It should only continue to pick up, this week I have an ad going out in the local paper. Still waiting on Marteen to get here to give us all some relief. It will probably be about 2 more weeks. We'll be closed on Thanksgiving and the day after. Well be open that Saturday night and will hopefully put on a big show that night with the music. Sales will be virtually dead that week, but Bo needs a little time and so do I. Lord willing I'll be sitting in a deer stand for a day or two on our farm in north Mississippi........also known as "God's country". -Hey, don't giggle till you been there. Anyway, I dont really know what to expect over the next several weeks around the holidays. I am assuming that sales will be dead during thanksgiving and x-mas. What I'm hoping for is that sales during the weeks in between will be normal. This is going to be a tough time and if we can just get through it and get in to 2007 without getting beat up too bad I think things will work. I'm really looking forward to March.


Anonymous said...

Your food is good but I would prefer eating on a plate not paper. I know that costs more money but I think it would be better. You also need to put your mild sauce on the table so I will not have to ask for it each time. BBQ is great! Finally someone who knows how to make REAL SOUTHERN BBQ!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog by searching for Ole Hickory Smokers. I just picked up a used EL last friday in hopes of opening a BBQ joint up here in Upsate NY. Your blog has been INCREDIBLY inspiring and informative as well. Thank you for taking the time to do this. I have, and will continue to read here and enjoy. Congrats on your accomplishment and your new addition!

Anonymous said...

Pat and Martha-Congratulations. I already feel sorry for the first guy she brings home. P- "Marteen" hasnt called me yet. dude, i think its spelled "Martin"-you know, as in Patrick Martin. The "i" in spanish is pronounced like "ee". I've never run across a word with "ee" in any spanish dictionary or known any Spaniards, Mexicans, Costa or Puerto Ricans,etc ....Its Martin.-and he prabably has a relative named "Heysoos".but it is spelled Jesus. For godsakes he worked for you for god knows how long...ok,ok,i'm done. Again -congrats on the baby girl.
Your friend,Macks

Anonymous said...

I'm used to eating "real southern bbq" out of the wax paper wrapper that it comes in. Paper plates sound fancy!

Pat Martin said...

Thanks Dino.......i hope everything goes well for you. I can tell you that whatever you think your initial budget is going to be you NEED to add 25-35% to that.....TRUST ME! This train ride is fun but takes a toll emotionally!

Pat Martin said...

anonymous......the cost is not the issue, we are NOT....and I repeat NOT allowed to have a dish washer in that space! -yes you read that correctly. Therefore its either foam or paper or paper plates. The old bbq joints I grew up on served it on butcher paper and still do, and so will I. Thanks very, very much for coming in and I hope you come back....please introduce yourself, I like to get to know as many folks as I can!

Lynda said...

I'm not wild about the paper either, but I can tolerate it because the BBQ is great. I've put away a lot of southern barbecue, but yours is my first experience with the butcher paper too.
Plain white paper plates are cheap at Sam's and Costco, and take up lots less room in the trash than a big ball of paper.
Its amazing how many things you THINK you know about running a food joint, till you actually do it. I speak from experience!
We started with real plates, but eventually had to cut down on dishes so we could cook more.
There are only so many hours in the day.
Good luck Patrick and all the guys.
This may be the hardest work you have ever done, but it will probably be the most rewarding too.

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