Friday, May 04, 2007

Biz is better.......go support Mothership BBQ.

Quick post here, more to come later today/tomorrow. Mothership BBQ is hitting a few bumps in the road here and I'm calling on any & everyone to go out and support Jim Reams and his place. Any place that is owned & operated by the owner we need to support. You can go to his blog ( and read up on whats going on with him, he's been pretty matter of fact as to what he needs. You may not have $50,000.00 to buy in to him but you can buy lunch there. Every little bit helps. Last week was even slower than the previous week. Slowest week of sales since January. My food reps kept telling me not to worry about it because everybody was slow because of "spring fever". Well that was easier said than done when you've seen the past 3 weeks do a swan dive off the Natchez Trace bridge. They were right, or so it seems. This week has been back on the track we were before this little 3 week bump. We've done really well this week so far. Lord willing today and tomorrow will be big, if so we'll be back around that $8200-$8500 range for the week. Unsolicited catering requests have really picked up. My plan is to really start beating the streets here in a couple of weeks for small -large catering jobs. If we can add another $2000.00 a week in catering it will really bring some comfort to things. The issue now is spending more money on catering equipment. I'm looking in to a competition style bbq trailer larger events. That will cost some pretty serious $$. We'll see, I need to get to work. I'll be blogging again later on, we've got a new person on board. The picture is just a random shot of my grandfather, Pa-King, with his two brothers on each side of him sitting in front of our pit in Mississippi. Not a dadgum thing to do with this post, I just felt like adding a picture today.


The BBQ Guy said...

Thanks for the update on how things are going. I'm following your progress. The next time we're in Nolensville visiting my sister-in-law, we'll stop by for some 'que.

Pat Martin said...

Please do....I really look forward to meeting you. Come in on a Saturday night for the music.

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