Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Yep....still crazy

Before I get started do me a favor, go to the tennessean.com and give us a vote for best BBQ in the "Toast of Music City" poll. The link is:


Still crazy.....in a good way. The past 3 weeks have been our highest grossing weeks ever. We just opened the deck up a week ago tomorrow night, was hard to gauge it on Saturday because of rain etc......but by the looks of Friday night, its going to help with seating and help as an attractant. We're up around 50% in sales since this time last year, but still have not been paying much debt down over the past couple of months because the business we are doing is demanding more things/equipment to keep up. I'm paying cash for all those things as we go. Decor for deck, tables/chairs, additional fryer, new prep tables, cold well..........I could go on but wont. I'm hoping to be at the end of the tunnel on that stuff here in the next few weeks. I bought a 1985 GMC S-15 pickup truck saturday for $1000.00 cash. I have no "image" problem, dont need a status symbol truck/car.........no what i need is 30+ miles to a gallon! My chevy Z-71 is getting a whopping 9-10 miles per gallon - it was time for a change. So ol' Z-71 is going to be parked unless needed. This little truck is a 4 cylinder, two seater with tires about the size of a go-cart. If I ever get hit in this thing its over! I'd have a better chance of living if I were on a Harley............BUT I wont be spending $200.00 a week on gas anymore! See just from my House to the Joint is 25 miles one way, not to mention the running around I do during the day. This is what you call a good business decision. My buddies might laugh but I'll......you know the rest! Here are some recent articles/press:





Anonymous said...

You got a great review on The Nashville Resturants Blog.


Keep up the great work.

Ross Wetzel

Pat Martin said...

thanks for the heads up on the review ross.....Im always very thankful when folks like and appreciate what we're trying to do!!!

Terry (aka) Big Daddy said...

Hog Head, I would come to see you more often, but it is just too far to drive. Not because I don't want too...

I always pump your place to anybody and everybody.

Sorry I live so far away...


Anonymous said...

still have interest in an "in town" location? I think i have something that you might want to consider.

matt smith (rob's friend)

btw: the food saturday night was unbelievable!!

Keep up the good work.

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