Thursday, January 11, 2007

Ringing it in

Well we got through the holidays unscathed.......meaning we didnt lose any money. That being said we really didnt make any during that 8-9 day span of X-mas & New Years. Last week picked up a bit and so far this week has really been pretty good. As you might have read in earlier posts Thursdays for some odd reason has become our slowest day. I have no idea as to why this is but since Thanksgiving it has become our down I'm eager to see how today turns out because this will be really the first Thursday in the "post-holiday" era. Yeah I know we had last Thursday but to me that doesnt count because every day last week was basically an economic recovery week for everyone in this country. The 1st week of the year is always like that. Look at basic economic statistics.....spending plummets the 1st week of the year. That is when the grinch comes out in all of us because you start thinking about all the money you spent on relatives that you spend about 2hrs a year in total conversation with and you find yourself sitting there saying to yourself, "next year I ain't doing this crap hell with uncle poon-nuts and aunt knuckles next year, whether they get their feelings hurt or not"! I may apply my old "how to not get invited back to a party you dont want to go to in the first place" theory................go to a hobby store, buy some cheap materials and make them a craft to give to them. They unwrap this big present only to find your craft that you spent $5.00 on in materials is a real stunner. Its a definitive solution to the problem and I would think it would work here. Of course we all know that wont happen and we'll do the same dang thing again next year. Back to the topic at hand......I just dropped close to $2000.00 in coupons & frequent costomer programs because I knew this would be my slow time and I just want to get folks in the door to spend money......just to keep the foot traffic as high as I can. Its been about two and a half weeks and I'm already starting to get cynical. I've seen 3 coupons come in the door......what a r.o.i.! (return on investment)


hearts n TN said...

A direct correlation between coupons and Christmas...both "never again!" You are in a battle of wills until March Madness....just stick to your knittin'and people will luv ya... No philosophy needed!

King Drew of the Appalachains said...

I wish I had an Uncle Poon-Nuts.

King Drew of the Appalachains said...

I wish I had an Uncle Poon-Nuts.

Anonymous said...

Where do we get the coupons? I have not seen them!

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