Monday, January 29, 2007

C'mon Spring

Before I get into the update let me explain the picture. Bryan and I were sitting around after the close the other night having a beer. We got to talking about our old days in Henderson, TN cooking BBQ at the old joints we used to hang out at and sometimes work at during college (Thomas & Webb Bar-B-Que) cooking whole hogs on brick pits. We decided that, besides all of the friends we still have from there, the only thing we really got out of Freed-Hardeman University (in Henderson) is listed on the sheet of paper Bryan is holding up in the picture. I moved on to Lipscomb where I received a B.S. in Finance/Economics with a minor in Beer Administration. The irony......Church of Christ schools and mass beer consumption!?!?! You really have to know a little about the Church of Christ and/or growing up in a conservative christian environment to appreciate the humor here. You also really have to know Bryan to see the humor in the picture, he's hilarious and doesnt even know it!
Not much new to add. Last week was so indicative of what I've been talking about in regards to the emotional ups & downs of the restaurant business. The only thing I can compare it to are the financial markets, except there is no technical or fundamental research to lean on for direction or answers.....its all chance, at least for the time being. I have started keeping records of the weather in relation to sales and that is starting to show some correlation. Last Tuesday was cold & cloudy and was our worst day to date in daily sales. Wed. we did a little better than break even (sunny & high 40's). Thursday was great. Friday rolls around and its the best Friday we've ever had and Saturday was awesome. We ended up making some pretty good money for the week, all of which I'll never see because it will go towards the loan but the moral victory is still there. Within a span of 4 days we had the worst day we've ever had and one of the best days we've ever had. I'm just trying to steer this ship free of any storms till spring. I am very interested to see the warm weather.


Anonymous said...

I was glad to get down there for lunch. I know it was hard to not order ribs, but that sliced brisket sandwich was great. If any one out there has never had one, they need to try yours. Most of the brisket I have had was dry, and not real tender. Your brisket was great. It was sliced thicker than others and the flavor was great. Keep up the good work. Meat

Pat Martin said...

thanks brother.....really appreciate the comments!

What is this Blog???

You ever been sitting around cooking for your family and friends and been told the following: "Hoss, this is the best I've ever had in my dadgum have got to open up a place of your own". The thought crosses your mind to do just that, but for whatever reason you dont. Well I'm "that" guy that actually went through with it and did it. I had absolutely ZERO restaurant experience! I decided to start this blog about my own experience hoping that it may be of some use and help to others who might be interested in opening their own place.
I learned this craft almost 20 years ago cooking whole hogs on brick & cinder block pits at a couple of little BBQ Joints in Henderson, TN. I learned from old, lifelong career Pit-Masters, working with them as an apprentice during school off and on for four years. Over the course of that time I learned the old, time-honored craft of REAL pit barbecue. At Martin's Bar-B-Que Joint I am trying as hard as I can everyday to bring that time-honored authenticity to my customers.
As you read you'll see I've made some stupid decisions, and I've made some good decisions. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant, especially a BBQ Joint, read this blog! Maybe some of this info can be of use to you. At the very least you will be entertained because I pull no punches.
Now listen, this is my blog to not only help with information but my blog to freely rant about my day to day experiences. There is no real "bad language" on this blog but there might be some things said that are very "tongue in cheek". If you are easily offended and/or cant see the satire in my posts then please just leave the blog. It will save both of us the annoyance of each other. For those of you who do like satire and are looking for good information about this experience, then by all means enjoy!