Friday, March 02, 2007

Update & New Beers

O.k. I'll start off with a complaint.........the lazy freakin' people who don't throw their own trays out as they leave. They must think that the 3 gargantuan garbage cans I've got in there are for decoration....and they are huge so its not like they don't see em'........Ronnie Milsap could see the things if he were there! No, its just some are lazy ticks that need to go back to TYCO University (Throw Your Crap Out). This post could be so much more colorful if my wife did not monitor it! That same "University" should be TYSO, but I digress.
We got our spring/summer beers in yesterday to go along with the old standards and the redneck can beers. I'll carry those until about Halloween (Lord willing) and then swap out for porters, stouts, etc.. The picture shows just how they are seen in the Joint. We stuck the can beers on both sides of the "Redneck Angel". I found her at an antique store and bought it for $ is a ceramic angel (with wings!) holding a baby angel draped in a rebel flag. We thought it fitting to stick that with the redneck can beers. We picked up local favorite Yazoo Dos Perros & Pale Ale. The owner is Linus Hall and he's from Mississippi where my family is from so I had have that in his beer is awesome. We also picked up:

Red Seal Ale (identical to Fat Tire)
SweetWater 420 Pale Ale
Terrapin Golden Ale
Sea Dog Wild Blueberry Wheat Ale
Highland Gaelic Ale
He'Brew Genisis Ale (certified kosher!)
Abita Purple Haze
Schlitz (can)

We dropped Lone Star because DET Distributing never had it in. We also dropped Schaefer because it was not selling too well - yeah its a stunner I know! Actually the other can beers are all selling right in line with bud/miller light, etc.. You cant get those beers everywhere and when guys see them I think it brings back some fond primeval memories of wrenching on cars, driving backroads with your buddies in school, watching a game with the ol' man.....whatever it is but its like once they lay eyes on them it becomes their duty to order one! Its fun to see the misery in the eyes of the woman that guys can see her mind doing advanced "gastro-math". Here is the Martin/Collier formula:

Pork + Slaw * White Beans/Onions + 3 Stroh's = replacement of bedroom oxygen with pure sulfer leading to limited breathing and general lack of sleep. Thanks honey!

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Anonymous said...

I had me a few of those sea dogs while I was up in Bangor. Its a different flavor but a welcomed change I must say. Not a beer I would settle down and marry but definately a good one nighter. See ya soon- Enosticator

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