Friday, February 23, 2007

Oh what to do.....

Not much to add....things are still rolling along. Ward Boone has come on board to work part time. That has enabled me to go home at night to be with Martha and my little man Wyatt (updated pic above). For a few hours here and there life feels "normal" again. I have been talking with the city about adding a deck or patio........LONG process! I hope/pray they'll let me do it. Every place needs that kind of atmosphere during the warm months but I'm also tired of folks asking me where they can smoke. We'll see how that turns out.
I'm eager to see how this weekend does. This week (so far) has been right in line with the last 4 weeks but I think word is getting around about the wait on friday and saturday nights.......which is good and bad, depending on how you look at it. It is a great site as an owner to see a line all the way to the door, and there are a ton of repeat customers but I would think that folks are only going to do that for so long. for the most part people have been real understanding and love/rave about the food......but that wait is still there! There have been a few that make comments about it..........but people see how fast/hard we're working on the orders and see all the people so they expect some wait but probably not that long. The waits have been averaging about 10 min. wait in line to order then about 10-15 before the food comes out. That wait (on fri/sat. nights) has been there pretty much since day one of operation. The problem is that I dont know how we can speed the orders up any more because the guys are working their cans off staring at 20-25 tickets for 3 hours straight. The size and capacity of our equipment is the problem. We've got a double fryer and a 30" * 30" griddle with 4 burners. What does that mean? That means to speed things up I need to double the size of all of that.....but I'm kind of stuck with it because of the limited amount of space the kitchen has to offer. John Nebble (johnathan's bar & grille) has a sheet metal guy for me to talk to about expanding the hood (vent unit) which might enable me to trade in for larger equipment......but I still run in to a sq. ft. problem and then that evil word that ensues all talks of addition rears its ugly head......CODES....which is a synonym for headache. So, I dont know what we're going to do. Yeah its a good problem to have and all that but I hate the inconvenience that my customers have to deal with to get food. I really can only pray that they keep thinking the food is good enough for that wait.......I guess all we can do is keep slingin' it out the door and let the chips fall where they may.

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Terry said...

Hey Pat, if the 'Q' is great people will understand. Look at the best steak houses, 30 mins. to an hour wait. Hang in there Hoss.

Just treat people the way you & your family would want to be treated. People will understand.

If your crew works their butts off, be thankful. You have a good crew. I'm coming out in a few weeks to check out the shop & the grub. If you need some help, I might be able to help you out sometimes.

We'll talk.

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