Monday, February 04, 2008

Random post.

This is about hour #16-18 or so in the process of cooking a Hog. The fat starts to liquidate and pool up in the rib cavity, in effect poaching the ribs and loin.......which is some of the most decadent meat you have ever put in your mouth! For a 185-200lb Hog cooking at 185*, you've still got another 6 or so hours, give or take a little. Once it goes to drippin' through the skin on to the coals back by the spine, you know your getting pretty close to being done. You can start shutting your chimney down cause you wont need many more coals.


Eric Devlin said...

Great looking picture (not as great as the one of Daisy)!

Makes me want to come down from NY and try some myself.

Eric Devlin

Terry said...

You have got to teach me how to do this...


ULIKA BBQ said...

that looks wonderful. you really need to cook a whole hog one weekend at the joint.

Tod.Skidmore said...

oh my that is like porn to me

Anonymous said...

An animal ripped apart.Raw flesh chared and smoking.All the moisture of life pooled up on his (or her) exposed ribcage.Looks like some kinda satanic ritual to me. Next time please post a photo of its burnt,dead face grinning with an apple shoved in its mouth. Salad tonight. -max

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