Thursday, September 07, 2006

All in favor say "I"......."I" want your tax dollars!

Today was a momentus day.........the city of Nolensville beer board approved me to sell beer at the joint. I have to say I was a little nervous coming in to the meeting. Although I've never been convicted of a felony, I've spent a few hours behind bars a time or two and have a driving record thats almost unheard of (it has gotten quite a bit better in my 30's). They really didnt have much to deny me for and personally I think it came down to the fact that they wanted the tax dollars I might generate......which is fine with me! Now the next hurdle is my grandmother, who might very well fall out in the floor when I tell her I'm selling beer. You see my family is a good conservitive southern Church of Christ family, which I might say I'm dang proud of, but I ain't opening up some bar and there ain't a dadgum thing wrong with having a beer with your bbq. Period. Hell, it wont be the first time, or the second time, she's gotten upset with me about beer......Freed-Hardeman University kicked my ass out twice for getting caught drinking that carbonated golden nectar......with the second time sending me up to Lipscomb University in Nashville, which is another Church of Christ school. She's used to it though, all 5 of her brothers raised hell and ran whiskey (corn likker) back & forth from Corinth (Mississippi) to the state line in Tennessee.......Yeah Buford Pusser and all that "Walking Tall" saga. My uncles Olen, Audry, Shorty, S.M. & Hugh-Baby did'nt get caught too often though because they were pretty slick. They used to pack the likker, 50 gallons to each side, on mules and would swim them across the line in the Hatchie river and then load up a pulp wood truck with it. Pusser killed one of my other uncles (by marriage) Russ Hamilton in a hotel room in McNairy county (Selmer). Russ Hamilton killed my great grandmothers sister so my family had no sadness when his ass got it. Pusser also gave my moms girl scout sponsor, Louise Hathcock, a brand new butt-hole right in the middle of her forhead, Graveyard dead. She pulled a pistol on him, I reckon she was a little slow to the draw. She ran whiskey, numbers and whores out of an old beer joint called the "Shamrock" club that literally straddled the Tennessee/Mississippi line on old 45 highway. They had a painted stripe right down the middle of the bar to show where the state line was. When the law from Tennessee would bust in (of course they were already tipped off) they would move the drinks over the painted line to the Mississippi side and visa-versa (I'm not making this up!). My other uncle, Hilly Coleman, was the sherrif of Alcorn County where Corinth is. Hilly used to let my Olen & them slip through when he could but when he had to arrest them Hilly used to call my grandmother and/or her sisters Beatrice, Jewell & Estelle to come bail my uncles out of jail so my great grandmother (Ma-Coleman) wouldnt find it out....this is a long way of saying that it may take a while, but I think my grandmother will eventually get over it.........besides, I got kids to feed!


lovelife said...

you cant tell me that good old church of christ people do not drink beer lol
I was born and raised in the church of christ from 5 days on tell i was 26 and got out lol
so good luck with your family lol everyone needs beer with bbq it would not be that same.

The Oriental Express said...

All the best to you in your new enterprise.

Wishing you Success and God's richest blessings.

I like the quote in your profile.

m.a. said...

Carbonated golden nectar?

hearts n TN said...

Well Pat, you can always be Catholic, we're taking applications.

closet redneck said...

P, (my brother from another mother)
You owe me a new keyboard now, as this one has coffee spewed all over it.

I couldn't find the barbecue picture I was looking for, but I'll keep on looking for it.

Congrats on all the successes you keep having. Looks like everything is absolutely going your way. I can't wait to tie in to a slab when Dixieland opens up.

Keep it up!


King Drew of the Appalachains said...

Thank the Lord!! We got cold beer!!
I know that's a relief, now all your friends will come. Wasn't Walkin Tall that movie with the Rock?

mimir said...

My eyeballs are seething from your Pit-Redness!!

Cliff E said...

I always loved your "approach" to driving while in High School though. Never a dull moment... Especially the time when you graciously offered to give my brother a tow when his Honda broke down. I think your highway cruising speed of 90 MPH was a little excessive for the conditions though. This unfavorable, Formula 1 style, environment was compounded by the fact that you felt the need to weave in and out of the congested traffic even though there was one, no apparent need for it, and two, no room for us to get over... It must have seemed somewhat odd to everyone else on the road around us that you, the tower, spent a lot of time in a different lane then us, the towee. The most whitening experience occurred when you suddenly dodged that large box spring in the middle of the highway leaving us only a fraction of a second (given the two rope was only about 10 feet long) to react and avoid it also. We did make record time though. Who needs Six Flags when they have a great friend like you! I think Kris is still deeply scared by that experience so I'm glad to hear that your 30's have improved things a bit. Knowing you throughout the past 27 years has really made me appreciate life and better my relationship with God. Thanks.

Always a friend,


Anonymous said...

Seems like progress is going slow, but it's GOIN'!!

I love looking in on your blog, to see what y'all are up to, and will be there sometime end of Oct. when we come to meet the Grandkids at Murphreesboro.

I LOVED your moonshine stories, and of all the people on eG, you're the only one who knows how to talk about family---you just say one name of one cousin, in-law, etc., simply add "& them" and EVERYBODY knows just who you're talking about.

Man, I gotta get back down South where everybody talks right.


Anonymous said...

Just ran across your interesting blog. Sounds like a great business wish I was close enough to find out for myself. Would like to hear more about the stateline & back in those days. There are several locations I would like to discuss along with the people from that time. Thanks, Charlie

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