Thursday, September 28, 2006


The build out/construction is pretty much done. Today Bo and I are hanging the speaker wire and the speakers. We also are mounting the reciever and my old G4 Macintosh. The doors have been painted and are drying and we should be able to hang those bastards later today. Tonight the bands are coming out to practice for next saturday night and drink beer.........I am looking forward to drinking beer tonight. I've got a picture of one of the most prolific southern icons in modern history hanging over the order window..........check back later on when I post it to see who it is. This one picture almost tells the whole story in regards to the atmosphere of this joint!

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Anonymous said...

Pat, you probably don't remember me, but you grilled hot dogs in my backyard for Max's 31 birthday party. I knew I was dealing with a pro but had no idea HOW pro. So happy for you and your fam. So, enough of the "sucking-up"'s my request. I read your beer list and I don't know squat about beer because I drink wine and other sissy drinks. I do know that I like those bottled drinks like Zima, Mike's Lemonade' and Smirnoff Ice. [ I told you I like the sissy drinks! ] Anyway, remember old folks from the "Baby-boomer" generation [ especially those of us that went to Lipscomb and didn't know there was such a thing as drinkable alcohol till we were out of college ].We good classy Christian grandmothers need sissy beers on those menus. Have mercy on us and accommodate our late start in life. Once again, congratulations and we will definitely be paying you a visit. Does your place need any landscaping? I know where you can get a really good deal...maybe trade ribs for shrubs! AND...don't worry about that second "financial concern". Max was 3 months old when I got pregnant with Ellis. They were best friends and so much fun. I know you're going to be successful...actually, you already are. Life is good. Debby Bryan

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