Friday, February 02, 2007

The Tennessean Food Critic!!!!!!

Well today an article by the "Tennesseans" (newspaper) food critic came out. The article was a pretty positive article. The critics name is Jim Myers and apparently he came in to eat 2-3 times over the past few weeks. He wasnt fond of the sauce I serve saying it was too much like a Kansas City style sweet sauce that is becoming more and more popular on the BBQ circuit. I've pretty much had that same sauce recipe since 1991 going in to my junior year at Freed. Its just that my personal preference is a sweeter sauce. He also didnt like the brisket saying it was too done. I am almost sure he got what I refer to as the "toe" of the brisket which I am trying like hell to remind the guys to use that only for brisket tacos or chili because its always going to be a little dry. I've got to do a better job of cutting that piece off to be set aside before we even open up, because I'll put the rest of that brisket up against anybody around. The rest of the article was very complimentary. I have no regrets or apologies about the sauce because I'm serving what I personally like. I do regret not being more vigilant about that "toe" part of the brisket going out the the food critic or any other customer. All I can do is pick my game up a little bit and make sure that doesnt happen again. Read the article and come back here and post your comments, I'd be interested to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

I've had the brisket and it's the best (and I'm not a brisket fan, really). As far as the sauce goes, that guy's got his head up his hind end. The sauce is great, especially the hot stuff. Good article otherwise. Keep on doin' what you're doin'!

-Chris on Mount J.

Josh Webb said...

read the article and it made me want to leave work to try some of the fried bologna... never been out to your joint but am looking forward to coming out soon.
I actually work for ESPN Radio here in nashville doing advertising. maybe i can come out and talk with you about getting your name out there even more. i will try and give you a call sometime before you open at 11.

m.a. said...

Don't you worry about the things he said about the brisket and sauce. He really did sing praises about the restaurant over all - you have the best bbq in this area and anyone who eats it agrees! Just listen to that Chris dude, and we don't even know him! Keep doing what you do because that is what people like.

Ellis said...

I guess critics have to pick on something. But as a self proclaimed "super taster" thats the best damn beef brisket ive ever tasted (toe-end or not). Later, Ellis

Anonymous said...

Blog can be read more easily now. Thanks.

Terry said...

Hey Pat, B.D. here. I have read Jim Myers for years. He can make you or break you in a heart beat.
He and Key West are the number one food people here in Nashville. Like I told you in my email, I thought it was a great review.

One thing hoss,what he meant about the sauce as he told it to me is that everybody seems to be going to a sweet sauce in stead of a vinegar based sauce which he likes.

A little FYI. You did fine bubba.

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