Saturday, August 19, 2006

The "Pit"!

Well here she is. Took me & Bo all day but we got her home safe & sound. I would have cranked her up last night but I was too dang tired to do so. She is awsome! Its weird for me to be cooking on one of these shiney, stainless Ole Hickory Pits. I am used to a good ol' dull, black off-set stickburner or a traditional brick pit. But the effeciency these things have are pretty impressive. They are so well insulated. The temperature consistency in the chamber (where the food is) is almost as good as a brick pit, and thats what I wanted to mimic......our brick pit in Mississippi. I've been thinking for days as to what I'll name it. Every real pit has to have a name because a pit, as far as I'm concerned, it is a living, breathing being. A pitmaster & his pit have got to be on the same page all the time, got to be able to talk to each other........buddies. The name I have givin this pit is "Miss Hattie", in honor of the late Miss Hattie Mullins from Tuscumbia, AL. There are several reasons I gave the pit this name.......I wont bore you with them, but she was a woman of class, a true southern lady! This morning I cranked her up with a dry run (no food in the pit) and the temp held very well, just as I suspected it would. Just put in 3 slabs of baby backs for a short cook (4 hours or so). I personally dont like to cook baby's near as much as spare ribs, but I opted for baby's because I'll be able to cook them in four hours instead of 7 (give or take) for the spares. We're just trying to get to know each other so I'll probably cook baby's for the next couple of days or so before I throw the shoulders, briskets etc. on her. With it being 93 degrees today I should be able to get at least 7-8 hours for my burn time (amount of time it holds the temperature without adding coals/wood). I would like to see it get maybe 10 hours if it can, we'll just wait and see. I am like a five year old on christmas day.


Yohaan said...

P, she's beautiful. I love the name too. Congrats and keep 'er going!

lovelife said...

good luck might make a trip to eat when you open. i am in springfield mo

Pat Martin said...

lovelife i hope you do make the trip down here to do that and your meal is on me.

King Drew of the Appalachains said...


She looks sweet, that's one big sumbitch!!! Hope you and redneck rasta had a good trip. Me and Ward are gonna come out in the next couple of days and see where to put the stage. Save me some ribs.


bo said...

Had a blast going to get Ms. Hattie! Can't wait to eat some of that pig. Cristi said her mouth is watering just thinking about it.

jbc said...

I bet Ms. Hattie can pump "God Breath" all the way to Memphis.

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