Friday, August 04, 2006

The World is much larger without partition walls in the way

Wow.........dont even know how to begin to tell you how happy I am to be virtually done with the demo work, mainly because I am pretty much done with something in two days that I thought would take me 4-5! I'm not going to type any further without saying that this does not take place with out having good friends! Ellis Bryan, Russ Hickey, Drew Morris, Ward Boone & Nathan Montgomery were a life saver for me. All came out just to see the place and say "hi" and all end up staying for hours on end helping me work. Thanks boys, I owe you all a big favor! Off the subject for a second, I'm sitting here listening to Bill Monroes old ass ABSOTLUTELY TEAR UP a mandolin......guy was a freakin' legend! At any rate, in the first two pictures you'll see the before and after. Removing the partition wall opened the whole interior up, it looks four times larger than it did........what a difference huh!?!?!?! Then the third & fourth picture is a group picture my lovely wife Martha took of Drew, Nathan, Me & Wyatt. Today me and my amigo will be scraping painted windows with a razor blade, which probably will take the majority of the day. I've now got to sit in a corner and survey the landscape so to speak.......having all this open space is like having an open canvas. Placement of tables/chairs etc. to maximize space. My cooker is finished.....ill be headed to pick it up next week sometime. My welder finished my coal basket.....which is the handy little feature that will enable me to get some good sleep at night. I'll be picking it up this afternoon. He should start on my furnace next week. I'll be using this to burn my wood down to coals. I was going to install a brick furnace out there but the fire dept. said "no sir". Funny thing is they don't care about the furnace, just whether or not its stationary or mobile. So I'm having one made out of double wall iron. I'll post later tonight or tomorrow with todays post.


jbc said...

Wow, what a difference. I can just see the PBR and BBQ.

hearts n TN said...

Seeing you guys makes me looks great.... Can't wait to come home!!

Anonymous said...

Looks good - Hickey sent me your blog, and it was a good enough read for me to catch up on the old ones. Look forward to watching the progress.


nem said...

You are friggin right!!! Bill Monroe IS a legend...

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