Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Stuart Johnson.....the former & FUTURE Mayor of Fairview!

Well today I went over and bought all the paint for the painters tomorrow. About $200.00 odd bucks worth of paint. The guy that runs the Franklin Porter Paint store is Mayoral candidate Stuart Johnson. Stuart is running for Mayor of Fairview and should win in dadgum landslide! Wish more of us lived in the 'view so we could vote for ole' Stu. The guy next to him is Daryl the painter. Ole' Daryl is one of the old timers that hangs at Stu's store in Franklin. The guy is a great guy and has got ONE........and I repeat ONE.... single tooth in his entire head.........and smiles at you like a dentist! Its the front right tooth on the top......and that one tooth is massive! Love guys like that......the "dont give a damn" type. He told me he lost all of his teeth chewing tobacco and fightin', AND then he proceeded to tell me his "old lady" likes his single tooth better than a mouthful! I tried like hell to get him to smile real big for the camera but he wouldnt.....I'm telling you when he smiles real big the guy looks like he's trying to suck on a tombstone. Like one singel tusk hanging out of his mouth. I am dead serious when I say that Its guys like Daryl that make the south great!!!


King Drew of the Appalachains said...

wonder if that tusk is made of ivory?

Big H said...

Congratulations on 2ooo hits to this website. You might consider selling advertising space for Nolensville at the rate your going.

MEAT99 said...

I am ready to make it to the grand opening. Let us know when it is. You need any of those high dollar veggies grown on Battery Lane to spice up that menu?

Pat Martin said...

BigH thanks for the congrats......next stop is 2,000,000 hoss! Look forward to y'all coming up soon.

Pat Martin said...

Meat......cant wait to see your ass at the grand opening and yes ill take all the high dollar veggies you got over there on battery lane. if you've got time to put that "snake" for a while to pick a few i'd appreciate it!

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