Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting ready to demo

This is me and my little boy Wyatt getting ready to head to the bbq joint to get some more things done in order to start the demo work - yes we put him in his car seat before we took off. I dont know how long it will take me to get this demo work done, maybe a day or two or maybe a week. I cleaned a lot of junk out today and tomorrow morning ill be trashing a few larger things that were left in there. I should be able to break the sledge hammer and crow-bar out about lunch. Ill post pic of the before and after tomorrow, if I can figure out how to attach two photos to this thing, which I havent been able to figure out yet (HTML code crap). Also today Vern (landlord) and I signed the final lease, so I now can officially say my jewels are laying on the line. All the work I've been doing thusfar as been away from the property........most of which (but not all) seems to have me on the phone, on the computer or down at codes. I am excited to get in there and start getting everything in gear........something about finally doing some work at the place that makes it hit closer to home. After i get the crap taken to the dump and know I'm about to get started, I'll be a little quasi-cerimonial about it............with a flair for the dramatic. Should go something like this:

1) Sit down & say a quick prayer to the good Lord

2) Crack open a can of Budweiser

3) Grab the sledge hammer
4) Hit play on the iTunes (Are you sure Hank done it this a'way will be the lead song)

5) CRACK! goes the hammer


hearts n TN said...

What a heartbreaker! (the little guy,ha:)just kidding....this is getting pretty exciting Pat...maybe I'll pop open a few beers for ya just for old time sake!ps.glad to see JBC FINALLY posting.

MaxB said...

I just spit V-8 juice all over my computer screen when i saw you holding that squirl tail! You're doing a helluva job. I'll bring you bck some javelina sausage in December (in exchange for some of that Q of course...and a Stroh's).

Pat Martin said...

sure buddy......you think that guy has ever looked at internet porn before?

Anonymous said...

i just laughed out loud when i read that message from Max. make sure he knows that we are saving all of the extra special parts of the "whole hog" just for him so he can reminisce back to Mexico

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