Monday, July 31, 2006

Worn out and nothing to show for it.

The picture for todays post has nothing to do with the post. This guy was at the beerfest and had one of the most "proving" mullets I've seen in a while. I went up and told him how awsome his mullet was and if I could get a picture of me holding it up for the camera.....he obliged. I later regretted not remembering to tell him how much respect i had for him because he wore a "push-broom" mustache. I love people who just dont give a damn! Anyway, today was one of those days where you do an awful lot of running around and spend a lot of time on the phone, then look back on the day and there is not much to show for it. Tomorrow the landlord and I should sign the final lease. We have been operating for the month of July on a 30 day lease with an option for me to bail if need be with the security deposit to be paid back in full. I requested several things for him get done during that time and inserted that 30 day agreement to make sure he got those things done, and he has. I would have felt better about signing it today being the last day of July but the guys a pretty good guy and I'm not too worried about it. Finalized the signage at roughly $1700.00 bucks. That gets a 5* by 7* sign on the road and a 4* by 7* over the front of the building. Filled out a variance request to the ciy to extend the existing shed over the area the cooker will be in to the property line.......after doing so they informed me that the request would not be heard until the 2nd week in September! Thats almost 2 weeks after I plan to open and I wont even have permission to do the construction work on that side until then, let alone having it completed. It will be Oct. 1 before that is done, assuming they grant me permission. I'll figure something else out in the mean time........Ellis Bryan if you are reading this start saving me some leftover materials for me to build about a 20' long privacy fence to have during the time being. Ellis (Bryan Custom Built Fences) builds without question the finest custom fencing in Middle Tennessee......seriously! Tomorrow I'll be getting the business license at the courthouse and buying a Winston C-VAP cook & hold oven. This is what we'll use to hold the shoulders & brisket in after they have finished cooking on the cooker. We will bring in 2-3 shoulders at a time to have on hand during the rush. The rest will stay on the cooker until we need them. As we need them we'll just go out to the cooker, bring them in and put them in the cook & hold. Another way to do this if you ever need to at home is to just use a beer cooler. Just take your meat off, wrap it in a towel and place it in the cooler. It will keep for a few hours. There is a bunch of other crap that ill tell you about tomorrow. Please keep my wife and unborn baby in your prayers to the Lord above......very exciting but very stressful times right now. Thanks again to all who read and post messages, it really helps..............I'll post tomorrow with and update Lord willing.


Anonymous said...

as long as you save me some of them finger-lickin' left-over spare ribs! thanks for the plug

- ellis

King Drew of the Appalachains said...

you grab mullets like i grab loose women.

hearts n TN said...

Pat I couldn't agree with you more...Wish we had ole' Theodore Rex today.(i.e. your side quote today)

jbc said...

Now that is an impressive Kentucky Waterfall.

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