Saturday, July 22, 2006

Award from!

A big thanks to for giving a "best blog in Tennessee" award. I am very, very flattered and could not have done it alone......thanks to all of you who have posted comments. Please go to the link posted below and read the commentary; very flattering because they usually do not give an award to any blogs that are as young as this one. Thanks!!!
I should be posting an additional blog later tonight or tomorrow in regards to the joint. I am about to head down to the Music City Brewfest in downtown Nashville for all you can drink beer from 37 different breweries. After that, I am grilling baja fish tacos tonight on the deck for my wife and friends. Talk to y'all directly!


mimir said...

congrats bighoss.......thats awsome!!! i will have to say that so far this is a very cool blog!

Anonymous said...

I'm extremely excited for you P! You've come a long way from roasting next to Gano Hall on tin sheets out in the parking lot. I have NO DOUBT you will accomplish your dreams and goals and will be able next year to fly from Anchorage, Alaska to come down and make sure you've done it right! Love you brother!! - Russ

Alpha Delta Pi - Alpha Kappa said...

Travel I shall to your new restaurant. Your porcine I hope to enjoy. Will you be serving gooey duck as well. Gooey duck was a gift from my planet to yours 700000 years ago.- Yoda

Anonymous said...

Saw link from eGullet. Pullin for ya out here in Virginia.

By way of beer, if you could add Corona (maybe instead of Pacifico), I think that would be a plus.

BTW, check out, more of us BBQ nuts over there.

Pat Martin said...

thanks for the posts guys.....i wanted corona but it is so dang expensive compared to pacifico, and the mexican guys that work for me prefer pacifico so thats how i came up with that choice. you dont get hit with the import mark-up with pacifico (out of brownsville, tx i think???) anyway....keep pullin for me up there in va. and when you get a chance swing down and meet and eat! thanks again for the post!

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