Thursday, July 27, 2006

"Life" is throwing me a hangin' curve......and im taking it yard!

This will be a short post because i am still trying to mentally digest what my lovely wife slammed my brain with last night............she is pregnant. We just had a little boy (named Wyatt) 8 1/2 months ago! We werent plannng on another little one (lord willing) until 2008. I am excited......but the financial pressure and stress that just got added to an already pressure filled pot is dang near overflowing! This bbq joint HAS GOT TO make $$$ way or the other. I may have to start selling small batch corn liquor on the side to get us over the top. In all honesty, we'll be alright. There are two types of men in the world, Alpha males and Beta males.......and I am a proud Alpha! When the pressure is on you either step up to the plate or you sit in the dugout and adjust your panties! not only will i step to the plate, i'm even going to point to the centerfield fence before the pitch!


Cliff E said...

Whoa! That's awesome Pat, congradulations! We flourish under adversity... that is sleepless nights, screaming, crying, stepping on sharp toys in middle of the night, etc... It gives us focus and therefore I feel it's a true blessing for you both.

NEM said...


your "lovely" wife said...

so much for not telling everybody. You are a trip
...guess that's why i love you

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! Wyatt is such a happy, healthy baby, the next will be no different!! You guys are great parents and I know it will be fine!!!
These kids are going to be raised knowing ONLY true bbq! What a blessing! ; )
Holly Mc

Brett Jones said...

Congratulations, Pat & Martha. I'm enjoying your blog and can't wait until you open up.

Pat Martin said...

Just got home from some business in green hills this afternoon and started getting your posts.....means a lot and i really appreciate them very much! keep reading and keep posting!

Pat Martin said...

JONES!!!! animal! great hearing from you man! hope y'all are doing well, we've got to get together here soon! thanks for reading and keeping up with us. keep us in y'all's prayers and keep posting!

King Drew of the Appalachains said...

Good God Almighty,

congratulations, may he be hung like his older brother, not like his daddy!!!!

Big H said...

Yeah baby, Now that's how life is meant to be! Serve all your life changing events at once, them devour them.

Congrats to you both

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Martha...that is great news. You have certainly been blessed! We look forward to meeting your family soon. We think of you often and wish you the best.
Dave and Lynn

racheld said...

Congratulations to you ALLLL!!

What a Summer you are having, getting better'n'better.

Best to all your growing family, and by the way, does your gorgeous Wyatt like older women? I've got a two-year-old little cutie he'll be meeting sometime soon as you open.


Pat Martin said...

thanks very much, and yes im sure my little boy likes older women....looking forward to y'all coming in!

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