Friday, July 21, 2006

Beer List

Not much to add today other than the beer list. Please post any and all comments/suggestions, especially any ladies that might read this post (wondering whether or not to carry smirnoff, bacardi, etc.). I was not planning on selling beer because the demographic for this area right now is lunch heavy. The city is expected to have 6000-7000 new residents in the next 24 months, so the demographic will evolve over that time and the dinner/weekend crowd should become larger. Nolensville currently has around 4500 residents liveing there now. Anyway, i probably wont make much $$$ selling it in the first year but figured i'd rather have it than not have it. Obviously wouldnt want "joe blow" and his family to decide to eat pizza instead of my place because ol' joe can't get beer at my place. Here it is:

Coors Light
Miller Light
Bud Light
High Life (The "Champaign" of beers)
Pabst Blue Ribbon
Falls City

Old Style
Dixie Beer
Blue Moon
Shiner Bock
Sam Adams


Big H said...

For some reason I thought that Boscos "kick my ass twice as fast" beer might be on the list. Course then our wives would be a little more hesitant about visiting your joint, we might never leave, and we'd scare the kids and old folk...

Good choice!

jbc said...

There's nothing like BBQ and a cold PBR.

hearts n TN said...

A vote from the ladies...Definitely keep the Blue Moon! But be careful my friend.... don't want to go broke trying keep everybody happy.PS.just gotta keep the ole' ABC smilin'.

Big Dog said...

I can certainly get behind Newcastle with my BBQ.

Just stumbled upon your blog - enjoying the read. Thanks. Hope the business is going well.

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